At NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre, 8 Irish teens have an ‘out of this world’ experience as they find out if they have what it takes to be Ireland’s first astronaut. Our super 8 experience Moon gravity, simulate a moonwalk, are flung in all directions on a multi-axis trainer, build and launch their own rockets and train in the Underwater Astronaut Training tank.The US Space and Rocket Centre in Alabama is home to the ‘Space Camp’ programme that sees thousands of young people immerse themselves in astronaut training techniques adapted from NASA’s astronaut training programme. For the first time, Irish teenagers undergo a series of rigorous tests to prepare themselves for a final challenge – to command their own simulated mission to Mars.
Our aspiring astronauts command their own mission on board the ISS (International Space Station) and do a Space Walk to make external repairs to the ISS. Finally, they land on Mars and try to survive all the ‘anomalies’ thrown at them by their trainers. They must work as a team to combat the challenges thrown at them and keep their teammates and their craft safe.

Produced by Mind The Gap Films for RTÉjr.