My Tribe – New Bi-lingual Music Subcultures Series

Brand new four-part bi-lingual series My Tribe reveals the underground worlds of some of music’s most defining youth culture movements – the Rockabillies, the Mods, the Skinheads and the Punks. It takes the viewer inside these scenes where music is life, clothing is precise, and attitude is everything. The series delves into the archives to reveal the fascinating origins of these subcultures while also meeting the modern-day members of these tribes to find out what makes them so enduring. This is the definitive story of Ireland’s musical tribes from the 1950s to today, sound-tracked by the essential anthems of these scenes including songs by Bill Haley, The Jam, The Specials and The Undertones.

My Tribe was produced by Jennifer Healy, directed by Conor O’Mahony, shot by Andrew Cummins and edited by Eamonn Power, with narration by Peter Coonan. The series takes the viewer behind the sensationalist newspaper headlines to discover the real Rockabillies, Mods, Skinheads and Punks and the passion, dedication and sense of belonging that their tribe gives them. These are worlds that are rarely seen or experienced on Irish television, lifting the lid on the underground scenes of these fascinating subcultures.

MONDAYS @ 7.30PM from 25th march 2019 ON RTÉOne
(Repeat on Sundays @1.10pm pm RTÉOne)

Produced by Mind the Gap Films for RTÉOne with funding from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound and Vision scheme and Section 481.